At Church of the Savior, our worship is traditional, but not fussy. Our services are characterized by traditional vestments, candles on the altar, and ancient ritual. However, our congregation is also casual and friendly. We invite you to come as you are and worship the Lord with us.

For the sake of convenience, everything you need for worship can be found in your service bulletin and in the blue Hymnal 1982. Our services come from the Book of Common Prayer, which is the red book with a cross in the pew racks. The Prayer Book has been modified over the years, but its use goes back to 1549 in the Church of England, our mother church. Its liturgical form of worship goes back even further to the very earliest days of Christianity.


We stand, sit, and kneel at various times throughout the service. It is also customary to make the sign of the cross at certain points. Your service bulletin can help you keep up with the changes. However, you will see different people do different things depending on individual piety and physical ability. If you find yourself lost, do not worry. No one is evaluating your performance, and you can feel free to just let the service wash over you.

We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday, observing the Lord’s service on the Lord’s day. Christians of any denomination who are baptized with water in the name of the Trinity are welcome to receive communion with us, including children. If you do not wish to receive, we invite you to come to the altar rail for a blessing.

We hope to see you soon!