We invite you to be part of our family at Church of the Savior, and to join our mission of reconciling people to God and each other in Christ. There are several ways you can become a member:

  • Baptism: If you are not already baptized in the name of the Trinity, baptism is the way to join not just Church of the Savior but the whole Church universal. Learn more about baptism here.

  • Confirmation: Confirmation is often how one takes the next step in church membership, as a child or an adult. If you are already baptized, instruction in our tradition and the rite of confirmation are a great way to join Church of the Savior. Learn more about confirmation here.

  • Letter of Transfer: If you are already a confirmed member of another Episcopal Church, at your request, we can ask that a letter of transfer be sent to us, officially making you a member of Church of the Savior.

Please see the Vicar for more information!


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